Thursday, 24 September 2020

Seasonal To-Do List - Autumn/Winter

As we rapidly approach the end of the year there will be a few things you need to do to get your garden in tip top shape, whether it be getting those last few plants in ready for spring or giving the garden a tidy up we have looked through what needs doing and put together a little checklist so you all can make sure your garden is sorted and ready to tackle winter!

First and foremost as you are probably reading this now, Autumn is just around the corner and while a lot of plants will be showing signs of leaves getting ready to drop. You will need to get the Rake out and begin to get rid of these leaves whether they go for garden waste or to the compost pile is up to you.
Now the second job (and possibly most boring) is making sure to remove all those little weeds from your borders and planting beds as over winter when it gets too cold to go out it will really spoil your view if your garden still has the odd weed poking through!

This is the final chance you will get in the year to give your hedges and lawns a final trim before they go dormant over winter. Make sure to remove all dead leaves from the hedge as over winter there won't be new growth to replace this and dead leaves in a hedge can cause rot and damage as can restrict air flow.

The weather currently is still quite warm so you can still plant up the Shrubs and Hedging plants you have so do not worry there is still time to get these into the ground, and if you need a little inspiration on what to look at getting take a scroll through our website here.

You might be tempted to feed these new plants however that may cause more damage as the plants will try to use the new food to grow  soft new shoots which can be damaged by frost, so just make sure to give a good feed in spring and trim the frostburnt areas in spring.

If you are a vegetable grower, while we do not stock these items now is a perfect time to start growing those winter hardy veggies!

Trim your perennials! During Autumn you will see all your perennial plants start to wilt and wane, when they start to go yellow and the stems bend it is time to trim the plants back as they are brining back the sap to the roots and leaving the dying parts alone may result in decay which is not terribly healthy for the plants. Be sure to check what you should and shouldn't cut back depending on your plants before getting the shears out!

This is just a short to-do list but should cover you and get your garden ready for winter.


  1. We bought an old olive tree from you. What is the best material to cover it during winter - fleece or hessian? Also, does it need covering throughout the winter or just when frost is forecast?

    1. Hi Kelly, Olives are a plant from a warmer climate so usually having your plant in a large pot surrounded with compost is enough for keeping the plant warm through winter, but with the recent frosts we have had it might be best to cover the roots with an old blanket to keep the worst of the frost off. I hope this helps - Grassland Nursery